Friday, November 20, 2015

Identifying and Dealing with the Biggest Problems with SEO

Search engine optimization, SEO, can be the lifeblood of your company, if done correctly. Too often, people think simply adding a plethora of key words to various locations on their website will help bring their brand, or site, into public view. However, there is much more to SEO than simply adding some words. If you really want your website to help your company increase leads and sales, you have to ensure your search engine optimization efforts are, in fact, optimized. Here are some of the more common SEO problems spotted online.

Duplicate Content = This is exactly as it sounds; its having the exact same, or similar, content that is also located on your website. Most SEO experts agree that this is the largest concern with SEO on the web.

Websites Using Too Much Flash = While not as common today, Flash can still be found on different websites across the web, making it harder for search engine robots to index the content on your website.

Inadequate Product Descriptions = Creating product descriptions can be a time-consuming, boring and very tedious task. However, if your products are to rank highly, they are a necessary evil. One problem for many e-commerce sites, is that their descriptions are simply copied from the manufacturer, or the content is exactly the same as that found on other e-commerce sites.

Internal Linking Issues = Many websites, namely large e-commerce sites, go through many changes that lead to internal linking that is inconsistent. All of the different elements of your team grab and use links from your site when updating or conducting maintenance. The problem is that they more than likely are using different links, or the wrong links.

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